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Poles or Tracks, which ones to choose for your curtains!

They both basically do the same job, they both hold your curtains up and make them usable, however they are more suitable for different applications and it’s how they do their job is when they become most effective. In this blog you will find out when to choose poles over tacks and vice versa. You may also find some useful ideas you didn’t already know about.

All you need to know about curtain poles.

Fancy having something with a decorative finish? Then poles are probably the place to start. You can get your hands on a huge range of poles which come in all different sizes, colours and styles and we have a huge variety to offer you here, at Coach House Interiors.

The above photos exhibit examples of the poles we have available to you. They come in a variety of diameters, also in wood finishes, painted finishes and metals. Some poles come with a tracked option eliminating the need for rings (shown in the image below). A track is recessed into the underside of the pole with the curtain hanging on runners, these can be corded or uncorded.

Tracked Pole Example

Poles are much more eye-catching and have a completely different aesthetic compared to a track, especially when they have decorative finals on them. If you’re wondering what a final is, it’s the bit on the end of the pole which accentuates the overall look.

Bay Windows

Different window types call for different needs, a question we get asked a lot is ‘Can we have a curtain pole in a bay window?’. The answer is yes, and it is a great way of adding some sophistication to the finish of the window design, however there are a few things to consider before you jump into making your decision. First things first, if your bay window is curved, a track is the best way to go, however, for a boxed shaped bay window you can get bespoke-made, angled poles and we recommend using something called a metropole which represents the idea of a curtain pole but instead of rings it uses runners inserted within the pole, much like a track. You may be thinking is it a pole or a track? It is a combination of the both but looks like a pole and is the most effective way of creating a pole look in a bay window. This kind of pole allows a smooth draw when opening and closing the curtains. If you were to use rings on an angled pole, the rings would get stuck at the brackets used to fix the pole to the reveal of the window and would create a dysfunctional curtain. Every bay window is different and we would always recommend leaving the measuring and making to the experts to ensure you make the correct decisions to achieve your desired outcome. We can provide the services you need to feel confident that everything will be done to the highest of standards, from ensuring there is enough space either end of the pole to allow the curtain to hang perfectly, to providing the clarity that the pole we supply will fit correctly, last a long time, be functional and meet all of your window dressing requirements.

Bay Window with a pole


Onto curtain tracks for bay windows. They are ideal for any kind of bay window! The tracks we use come in a range of different colours and depending on the curtain you choose, we have different styles to accommodate. Tracks are flexible meaning they bend around curves and tight corners perfectly. Depending on the amount of space you have available within your window frame or around your window, the tracks can be attached to the wall or the ceiling, and the curtains are attached with gliding hook inserts to create a professional and functional outcome.

Contract tracks – face fixed or top fixed, on its own or behind a pelmet, Valance, painted or fabric covered lathe. We have used these for well over 30 years and are still servicing them until this day and suitable for most curtain types. A heavy-duty version is available for heavier curtains.

Discreet track – comes in a top fixed or face fixed version, slim line track commonly used with voiles and available corded or uncorded.

Silent Gliss 1080 – available in 6 colours * suitable for lightweight curtains and voiles – uncorded only and can be face fixed or top fixed. Good value for money.

Silent Gliss 1280 – Available in white, hand drawn, can be face fixed or top fixed. This Is a stronger profile than the 1080 making it suitable for medium weight curtains.

Slient Gliss 3900 – Available in white only, face fixed or top fixed – a robust, corded curtain track suitable for medium to heavy weight curtains.

* White Gloss (Standard) White Matte, Antique Bronze, Charcoal, Anodic Grey and Silver.

Silent Gliss 3840/6840 – Available in the same 6 colours * with a variety of bracket options. The curtains are underslung meaning the curtains have to hang underneath the track, making it a perfect option for wave headed curtains. The 3840 is corded and the 6840 is hand drawn.

All come in metal.

Track sample board
Colour Choices
Contract Track
Discreet Top Fixed Track
Discreet Face Fixed Track

Not sure how to measure for your curtain pole or track?

There are different ways in which you can measure for a curtain pole and the initial phase comes down to you, the customer. Where do you want your pole? If space allows, you can fix your pole within the reveal of the frame or you may have it on the wall above the window. Whichever you choose we will always give you the most suitable advice, for example, if you choose to have it on the wall, our advice would always be to have a pole longer than the window frame. This gives the curtain space to hang without disrupting the view through the window or the light coming into the room but you don’t have to, there is no law against it! For the height, in a reveal you don’t have a lot of choice, however, on the wall, it is worth spending some time to consider how far up the wall you would actually like the curtain to sit. Be sure that an experienced Coach House Interiors advisor can help you with this kind of decision as well as the help with the process itself if you feel unsure.

How do I know which one to choose?

On the hole, its personal preference! Making sure you have considered all the different aspects of either a curtain pole or track is the first step. A certain window can rule one out straight away, or because of the way you might want it to look, it could make your decision much easier. To make the right decision it is always best to ask one of our experts who can come and view your windows, explain the options and talk you through what we have to offer.

Curtain headings are another huge consideration when designing your window dressing whether that be a pole or a track, you still have a choice. Why not read on and find out more about the different styles and ranges we provide by clicking the link below?


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