Interior trends in 2018

With 2017 well and truly out of the way, we take a look at the top interior trends for 2018…

More colours through the home

Nowadays white tends to be a classic colour, especially when it comes to kitchen design, however, homeowners are shying away from bland styles and starting to inject colour, as well as warm wood tones, like mahogany and neutrals such as greys and blues, giving the space a warm, fresh and unique feel.

Rich colours

Other pointers for 2018 include warm greys with camel, rust, tobacco and brown-blacks, as well as earthy reds, yellows which are expected to edge out with cooler neutrals in the coming years.
Rich colours aren’t like the 1970s anymore which was full of avocado greens and mustard colours, these date quickly, unlike warmer colours which work well in homes if you want a soothing and diverse mix of colours and textures.


Tropical palm prints may have flooded your social media feeds , but people don’t tend to be tired of eye-catching, oversized, graphic and it’s predicted that more interpretations of over scaled floral patterns in high contract colours will prevail.

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Concrete accents

After years of popular white marble, concrete is the next material to help steal the spotlight, it’s a really affordable, high impact design element. It’s already being used for floors, countertops and is versatile and accessible as is being used in more interesting and unexpected ways, like home accessories and furniture.


One of the most elevated trends for the next year is the use of blending the old with the new. ‘Conversation’ pieces are on trend and can easily be incorporated into modern looks.
Recycled, re-purposed and reclaimed materials
People tend to be a lot more socially conscious and there’s more accessible ways to renew old pieces and produce furnishings like wood slab tables and custom furniture.

Basic black

At one time deep brown and indigo were alternatives to black and in 2018, black became dominant in home décor, it continues to make a powerful statement and will prominently be used in finishes, fixtures and furnishings.


Over the years the colour pink has prevailed and it’s now considered as general-neutral and no longer just a feminine colour, so from the runway straight into your home, pink is the way to go!

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