Interior trends in 2018

With 2017 well and truly out of the way, we take a look at the top interior trends for 2017…

More colours through the home

Nowadays white tends to be a classic colour, especially when it comes to kitchen design, however, homeowners are shying away from bland styles and starting to inject colour, as well as warm wood tones, like mahogany and neutrals such as greys and blues, giving the space a warm, fresh and unique feel.

Rich colours

Other pointers for 2018 include warm greys with camel, rust, tobacco and brown-blacks, as well as earthy reds, yellows which are expected to edge out with cooler neutrals in the coming years.
Rich colours aren’t like the 1970s anymore which was full of avocado greens and mustard colours, these date quickly, unlike warmer colours which work well in homes if you want a soothing and diverse mix of colours and textures.


Tropical palm prints may have flooded your social media feeds , but people don’t tend to be tired of eye-catching, oversized, graphic and it’s predicted that more interpretations of over scaled floral patterns in high contract colours will prevail.

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Concrete accents

After years of popular white marble, concrete is the next material to help steal the spotlight, it’s a really affordable, high impact design element. It’s already being used for floors, countertops and is versatile and accessible as is being used in more interesting and unexpected ways, like home accessories and furniture.


One of the most elevated trends for the next year is the use of blending the old with the new. ‘Conversation’ pieces are on trend and can easily be incorporated into modern looks.
Recycled, re-purposed and reclaimed materials
People tend to be a lot more socially conscious and there’s more accessible ways to renew old pieces and produce furnishings like wood slab tables and custom furniture.

Basic black

At one time deep brown and indigo were alternatives to black and in 2018, black became dominant in home décor, it continues to make a powerful statement and will prominently be used in finishes, fixtures and furnishings.


Over the years the colour pink has prevailed and it’s now considered as general-neutral and no longer just a feminine colour, so from the runway straight into your home, pink is the way to go!


How to choose the right curtain lining

When it comes to curtain linings, they don’t just provide functional benefits for your windows, they can also add fullness to your curtains to help them hang better.
Having an extra layer of protection means your curtains will last longer and help prevent colours from fading, whilst maintaining a clean crisp look, as the lining can protect the fabric from dust and direct sunlight. Depending on the type of lining, it can also provide different levels of insulation.

Standard linings – polycotton

13775539_1046595398710221_3468901842869911287_nPolycotton is a blend of cotton and polyester, this material is manufactured in a way which will bring out the best of both fibres. Cotton is a lot more resistant to heat compared to man-made fibres, these are good when it comes to durability as direct sunlight can damage fabric. Polycotton is a natural material which means that air can pass through it, so curtains which are made from 100% cotton are suited to more warmer weather, or kitchens, so the curtains don’t absorb cooking smells too.
Cotton is a go to material for a number of benefits, pure cotton can wrinkle easy and is also susceptible to shrinking after being washed. If untreated for flammability, then cotton can burn away easily, whilst polyester just melts.
Polyester is a synthetic fibre and is very durable; it’s resistant to mould and is great for retaining their colour and holding their shape meaning they don’t wrinkle easily. The downside of this is that polyester easily melts away.
When considering the benefits of both materials, polycotton is a strong material which is less prone to wrinkles and can also insulate well, this type of lining is great for any windows as it can meet most requirements.

Blackout and dim out lining

With an added layer of extra coating, blackout lining can block out the sunlight, it’s most commonly used in bedrooms, so you are disturbed by the sunshine peeking through your curtains. When comparing this to standard linings, blackout lining is made from thick material meaning they can help with thermal insulation and noise reduction.
Blackout and dim out curtains have different advantages, dim outs usually allow for most of the light in the room to be blocked out, in comparison to complete blocked out blackout curtains.
Why choose blackout lining?

    • Control over the light in the room
    • Reduces the level of noise entering the room
    • Privacy
    • Absorb heat during the winter months
    • Keep out the heat during the summer months
    • Uninterrupted sleep
    • Protects furniture and carpet from the fading effects of the sun


Thermal lining

Adding a thermal lining to your curtains or blinds is another great way to save on your energy bills as they can retain the warmth inside a room during the colder weather. They can also block heat from coming in during the warmer weather, this style of lining is good when it comes to keeping you room at a cool and comfortable temperature throughout the different times of the year. Thermal linings are also blackout and noise cancelling.
Having poorly insulated or single glazed windows means that constant heating is usually required to maintain a warm temperature in the home as heat can easily escape through the gaps and the seal of good window frames can also degrade over time. Having extra layers of microfibre don’t just thicken, they also add volume to the curtains which creates a fuller look.


More information

Should you be unsure of what lining to choose, don’t worry, simply give our team a ring, they’ll be more than happy to help.


Choosing an upholstery fabric

Whether you’re buying a new sofa or choosing to reupholster a favourite chair, there are a variety of different fabrics out there that you can choose from. From patterns, plains, textures to durability, there’s lots to consider.


Consider the type of furniture that you’re buying or recovering, as well as the room that you intend to put it in. Is it a casual setting where you can use something that stands out, or is it more formal where you’ll need to use traditional patterns, or a muted colour palette. Look for modern or contemporary styles based on how you would like your room to look. Ornate carved chairs wouldn’t suit a polka dot pattern, but dots may look good in a children’s room.
Take a step back and think about how you’d like the piece to look, make sure that it fits in with other pieces which are already in the room. If you’re wanting to embrace the latest fashions, then make sure that it’s something that you truly like and can live with for years to come.

Pattern or plain

Consider the character of the furniture, if you’re recovering an existing piece, then you may want to emulate the look it had before a fresher design, or to make a total change. Think outside the box, classic styles don’t really need a classic design applied to them. Antique wing back chairs would historically be upholstered in floral prints, but they can be brought up to date and covered in a more plain striking colour or a modern pattern.
If you are selecting a different pattern then consider the size of the design, smaller pieces like dining chairs or stools wont show the full potential of a fabric with a large pattern on it.
By mixing and matching different patterns in the same area, you can add a new lease of life to the room. Contrasting patterns work by ensuring that each pattern is a different scale. This also prevents patterns from merging into each other and making the room look confused.

Selecting a colour

Colours can help to change the mood of a room, if you want to match the weight of the colour to the rest of the room. Electric blues aren’t going to work in a room full of soft pastel colours. Different colours can work well together if they’re the same weight, alternatively a feature chair could have a big impact.
It’s important to consider whether you want your furniture in cool or warm tones, warmer tones have an undercurrent of yellow, orange or red and make you think of sunlight and heat. Warm colours bring items closer and also create a sense of intimacy and comfort. Cool colours are known for creating a sense of space and depth and can have a hint of blue and stark white.
You don’t need to create a whole room in one tone, statement pieces in a contrasting tone can help to being a welcoming sense of balance to a room.

Textures and fibres

There’s a number of different textures that you can choose from when it comes to fabrics, from tight, to smooth to fluffy, velvet and linen. Make sure that you pick something that you’ll enjoy sitting on.

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Use the fabric in the way it was intended, ornate embroidered designs can be saved for the rarely-used accent chair in the corner, high traffic areas like the living room can result in fabric deteriorating quickly.
Fabrics are tested enough at the development stage to make sure that they meet regulations. Some fabrics will have great special effects which include them being water repellent fabrics which don’t soak up spills, or there’s fire proof fabrics which will repel fire.

More information

Should you require any more information regarding our upholstery services, simply get in touch with us today!

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January Sale 2018

We are offering great reductions with the following designer pattern books from:

  • Prestigious Textiles – 20%
  • Kobe – 20%
  • Chess Designs – 20%
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We are also offering discounts of up to 40% off stock fabrics along with discounts of up to 50% off fancy goods.

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Voyage Roller Blinds

Voyage Softroll Blinds are a new evolution of the roller blind, featuring a selection of signature hand painted watercolour designs from the Voyage design studio. Soft cotton linen, combined with a three-pass blackout backing allows the original designs to look beautiful in your room even in direct sunlight. All the blinds can be trimmed to size making them suitable for all windows.

The sizes we have in stock are:

  • 61cm wide x 170cm drop – £72.50
  • 92cm wide x 170cm drop – £90.00
  • 122cm wide x 170cm drop – £112.50
  • 152cm wide x 170cm drop – £130.00
  • 182cm wide x 170cm drop – £152.00

The designs we have in-stock at the moment are:

  • Morning Chorus
  • Samui Bluebell
  • Hedgerow Linen
  • Arran Birch
  • Cademuir Silver
  • Gamebirds

The blinds are available in many other fabrics however these would need to be ordered in.

We also offer a cut-down service within the shop at an additional fee of £25.00 per blind.

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Supporting St. Michaels Hospice & The Hospice Angels!

The Hospice Angels have since their conception in 2003 visited 19 countries and enjoyed some amazing experiences and raised considerable funds for St Michaels Hospice, however on 18th June 15 bikers (including Nigel, one of TheCoach House Team) are setting out on a challenge to ride in daylight from Lands’ End to John O’Groats.

They are giving up their time and paying for all their own expenses. Please could we ask that you applaud their efforts by sponsoring them in person or via their Just Giving page.

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It’s still not too late to donate! Nigel and the Hospice Angels have since completed their challenge and are now making their way back to Herefordshire. We have a St. Michaels Hospice collection box and a traditional sponsor form in the shop. Loose change is gratefully appreciated.